Netflix Tagger Job Massive Hiring Advertisements – [100% Real or Pure Scam]

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Updated on February 15, 2024

Key Takeaways

  • The Netflix tagger job is a real thing that requires professional experience, like creating tags, implementing analytical skills, and assisting in promoting content rather than merely watching shows.
  • Attention-grabbing popular names like,, or similar fake sites are surfacing on the internet to collect user’s personal information.
  • Passionate individuals must check the page to apply for such content tagging roles.
Netflix tagger vacancy

What is the Netflix tagger job? Do vacancies to work as a tagger exist in reality? 

This is a common question for every person who encounters such advertisements. These ads are perpetually circulated on various social media platforms and job search sites, and they eventually create a lot of confusion among the masses. Well, not everyone is cyber savvy to rule out scams, and these ads can be both real and scams. 

Read on to resolve the confusion around legit or scam, and other significant associated elements. 

Is Tagandchill com Legit or Scam?

Well, it is among the popular 100% scam sites that started operating recently. Netflix tagger jobs is a hyped one spreading online, grabbing thousands of eyeballs. Some scammers are seeking shelter from these jobs and using them as bait to attract users and steal their info.

Here’s a list of sites that are completely fake

  • netflixtagging. com
  • flix tagger[.]com
  • FastSideHustles[.]com
  • Tagandchill[.]com

Possible Reasons to Label Them as Scams

Scam or fake websites steal attention by imitating the UI of the official business. Besides this, they implement tricks such as no resume or experience required, limited seats, flexible timings, etc. to induce hurry amongst aspirants to apply. They are considered scam sites due to the following reasons: –

  1. Hidden identities of website owners.
  2. Poorly designed sites, with improper metadata elements.
  3. Came into operation recently and don’t have many visitors. 
  4. Have questionable credibility. 
  5. WHOIS data is hidden. 
  6. Fewer reviews on social media platforms. 
  7. Low DV SSL certificate (Domain Validated Certificates) on these sites. 
  8. Have proximity to suspicious websites. 
  9. Other threats associated with these platforms like phishing, malware invasion, etc. 

How to Identify the Authenticity of a Job Posting?

The vacancies at tagger are only legitimate ones posted by the official business. Besides this, scammers often completely imitate the official platform, along with many over-promising claims that are too good to be true. Since they are not legit, it is necessary to verify these assertions. The good news is that you can verify the authenticity of these jobs yourself; if you know how to control IOT devices, you can do this too.

Here’s what you need to know to quickly evaluate whether a posting is authentic or not.

  1. Usually, such sites direct you to third-party affiliated pages that are way too far from the official pages. 
  1. You need to be vigilant enough when you are sharing any of your personal information through various mediums over the internet. 
  1. Check for the social media pages of the domain name and its connection with the official brand. 
  1. Evaluate the reviews and assess if they are reliable or not. 
  1. Don’t miss out on cross-checking any of the Netflix jobs from home or for fresher-type job listings at the official site before applying. 

👍 Good to Know

  • The Netflix tagger job is already a highly sought-after role, and it need not beg people to apply.
  • Also, unlike fraudulent listings, you won’t find phrases like “opportunities are limited” on the official site. These phrases are intentionally used to create a sense of urgency amongst the aspirants.
  • Moreover, always report the postings if you encounter any of the fraudulent listings.

Do check for these red flags to identify fake postings and save yourself from being a victim of potential cybercrime. 

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Why Are Such Fake Netflix Tagger Job Vacancies Created?

Netflix tagging job

Whenever you encounter a Netflix tagger job, it sounds like a kick-start to your heavenly professional life. But, sadly, it’s not. Because most of the jobs are 100% fake. So, why do scammers do that? Let’s find out. 

  1. Scammers create fake listings to steal your data, like your complete name, date of birth, Social Security Number, etc. 
  2. Phrases like “Hurry,” “Limited Seats!” and “ClosingSoon,” etc. are some tricks used to get more people interested in applying faster and with more applications. 
  3. Scammers also offer such hiring to attract attention towards lottery, giveaways, promotions, crypto scams, and much more. 
  4. These scam sites can lead to massive cybercrime, death/rape threats, smuggling, sextortion, etc. 

When to Submit Your SSN and Bank Details? 🤔

  • Never provide your social security number through any application form, job portal, etc., because any legitimate company won’t ask for your SSN or bank information unless you are hired by them.
  • After getting hired, you will have to fill out a W-4 or W-9 form along with your SSN or Tax ID number to get paid.
  • While filling out a direct deposit form, you’ll need to submit your bank details, account number, and router number.

How Do You Become a Netflix Tagger?

Netflix jobs tagger

You also might have dreamt of making money through binge-watching your favorite movies and shows. Although this sounds skeptical, a Netflix jobs tagger does exist. These taggers make sure that you will get the most relevant results according to your specific keyword search. 

They flag upcoming content into proper categories, i.e., “Indie Movies with a Strong Female Lead,” or “Critically Acclaimed TV Dramas.” It is done by choosing the words from the pool of 1000 that best describe the program. 

Loving the idea? Here’s what you’ll need to get hired as a Netflix tagger. 

  1. A ravenous appetite for content:- You must have a strong passion for shows and movies across diverse genres, screenplays, cultural references, storytelling styles, etc. 
  1. Ability to work under pressure:- Skills like working under deadlines and high-quality performance are essential. Along with being vigilant when analyzing, researching, and content tagging, you also need to effectively assist in appropriate content-based filtering of data for the users. 
  1. Competent analytical skills:- It’s crucial to have strong analytical skills and the ability to find connections for generating highly functional tags that can be implemented in diverse elements. 
  1. Impressive experience:- Having a background in film studies or even a few years of experience in film/media/entertainment industry can be beneficial. Also, good hands with meta-data big data analytics would add an advantage. 
  1. Associated expenses:-  Although there are no direct costs involved with it, you need to bear your expenses when you are studying the media/entertainment/film industry.
  1. Crack interview and finish final assessment:- After being shortlisted for the position, you need to fill out a form with your basic details and experiences. Once done, complete a small assessment to showcase your skills and finish the final rounds of interviews. 

Note 📝
The Netflix tagger job requires you to put in more work than you expect. It asks you to watch lots of television, create reports out of it, collect searchable data and scan ratings, put effort into metadata, and much more. 

How Much Does a Tagger at Netflix Make?

Wondering, how much does a tagger at Netflix make? Well, according to Glassdoor, the Netflix tagger salary ranges from $33,025 to $39,292. This job also allows you to, 

  • Work independently
  • Get good money
  • Enjoy streaming
  • Enhance your editorial skills while working

So, can you work as a Netflix tagger on a part-time basis? 

Of course, you can do that by following the recruiting process and meeting the eligibility criteria. 

However, earlier in 2014, the tagger was exclusively part-time base. Taggers were only required to work on content enhancement exclusively for kids. Currently, this profile includes the responsibilities of editorial insights, content analysis, tagging content, metadata analysis, and title analysis.  

Caution, Fake Netflix Tagging Job Postings

Netflix tagging jobs

Yes, Netflix tagging jobs exist for real and Netflix will pay you to watch TV. However, exploiting the popularity and craze of this job profile, many fake websites are scamming people by publishing false ads about the Netflix tagger vacancies. 

What to Do If You Have Already Provided Your Financial Details to Any Fake Site? 

Here are some corrective measures to take in case you have already provided your personal information to scam sites.

  • Call your bank and ask them to freeze your accounts and cards. 
  • If you have shared your Social Security Number, do communicate the same with the concerned authorities. 

With this, you can be saved from legal repercussions in situations where scammers misuse your information. Furthermore, you should avoid applying to such fake sites. This may sound harmless but your confidential information might end up being used to commit infinite cybercrime. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Ans: The editorial analysts or content analysts are called “taggers” by Netflix, which matches the job description of a tagger.

Ans: Yes, you can work for Netflix watching movies by applying for the Netflix taggers job.

Ans: Yes, you can’t get hired the way scam sites are claiming. It is an active job where some experience, analytical skills, deep knowledge, and other competitive qualifications are mandatory.

Ans: Yes, conclusions drawn by statistical analysis at Glassdoor, rate it 4.2 out of 5. According to 2600+ anonymous reviews by employees, 76% would recommend working here to a friend, and 62% of consider the business with a positive outlook.

Ans: Yes, a degree in film, media, TV, or entertainment with at least 5 years of industry experience is mandatory for the role.

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