DealDash Review – Is DealDash Legit or a Scam? Know How Does DealDash Work to Find the Best Deal Possible

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Updated on February 20, 2024
DealDash Review - Open Interface of DealDash

Are you a fan of getting deals and want to try your luck at DealDash? We understand that online marketplace scams like Zelle, and Wish have made you skeptical about it, hence, you are searching for a detailed DealDash review.

Fret not, we’ve got you covered!

The auctions and bargain offers at the DealDash site are exciting and too good to be true. That’s why every rational mind inquires, is Deal Dash legit? 

Our comprehensive review will closely assess this auction site and answer what is DealDash and whether is Deal Dash a scam, so read on to know the reality! 

DealDash Overview

DealDash is an online platform where you can buy products at auction. The company was started back in 2009 but is gaining popularity in recent years. It has its headquarters in the United States and Finland. 

DealDash buys products from the liquidators and the brands. The products are brand-new and guess what? You get to pay much less than the actual price when you bid on them! This website even allows you to buy a product at a fixed price with the ‘Buy it now’ option.

But how does work?

Read below to learn how to secure a good deal at DealDash and see whether the deals are worth it.  

How Does DealDash Work? 

For Cyber Savvy individuals it’s essential to know the work process of DealDash before actually taking the leap. So here’s the most crucial information of this DealDash review – ‘How does DealDash work?’

Step 1: Purchase Bid Pack

Login and sign up on the site is free, however, bidding will cost you money. You need to have bid packs in your account to bid. It applies to bidding for all the products on the platform. You can purchase bid packs and add them to your account before bidding. 

The prices for the bid pack vary at times. It depends on the promotions going on. Check for the active offers before you buy your bid pack. 

Credit Card Payment details

The DealDash platform lets you purchase bids using any credit or debit card of renowned banks. Furthermore, international users can also pay through PayPal. Enter your credit card details and click on the Buy Bids and Start Bidding option. 

Step 2: Start Bidding

After purchasing the bid, you can go to the homepage of DealDash. Here, you will find different products to bid on. You can start bidding on the product that you like. The bid price goes up by 1 cent for every bid done. 


  1. This is the product you want to bid on. The price will be zero at the start.
    DealDash bidding
  1. When you click ‘Bid now’, it will be 1 cent.
  1. When someone else bids on the same product, the bid price becomes 2 cents. 
  1. The bid price will keep increasing with every additional bid. 

If no bidding is done for 10 seconds time duration, the price for the bidding remains the same. The auction continues to go on until the next bid. 

It can be a hectic task to manage the bidding on your own, hence you can use the bid buddy feature. It places the bid on your behalf only in the last second of the auction. 

Step 3: Winning the Bid

After you win an auction, you pay the price, and the product is shipped to your address. Yes, it’s that simple! Currently, the shipping of the products is available in the US continent, along with some European provinces. 

Be at ease about the shipping cost, it is free of charge from DealDash!

How Does DealDash Earn Money?

How does DealDash make money is a major concern of newcomers. It makes them skeptical about the site and poses questions like – is DealDash real?

There are two ways through which this auction site generates income: 

  • Bid Purchases – When you sign up on the site and purchase a bid to participate in the auction, DealDash earns money.
  • Heavy Margins – Since DealDash purchases the products from the liquidators and the respective brands, it gains a heavy margin. You get the deals out of those margins. 

DealDash Reviews – Is It Legit or a Scam?

Getting good quality products at cheaper prices through easy bidding will make anyone wonder – Is DealDash a scam? 

The deals at the site are too good to be true and might sound like a fraud. As per the company’s claims, the auction site is 100% safe. It also offers the customer money back within 90 days of bid purchases, without any questions asked. 

DealDash has got 4.1 ratings from Trustpilot, and many users have also recorded positive feedback about this auction site at the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

DealDash Review-Trustpilot Ratings

Sarah ThomasIve been using the DealDash app for 2 years and find it better than the experience on my laptop. The app interface is great and easy to use. Beyond that, what you should know about DealDash is that it is very competative and you need to pay for bids. Don’t expect that you’ll always win. That said, the items are always high quality and you can get some good deals. There’s also plenty of opportunity to earn free bids, which helps.”

Another user D-ohndre Owens has given it five stars and mentioned – “Well I had an ok experience and for the most part I really liked the app and I actually won a few times as well. Had a little technical difficulty but I was surprised at how fast customer service responded to me. They also have a number that you can speak to someone right away on. Was a small misunderstanding but it was outstanding how quickly I received a response 👏 communication was impeccable! Overall I give this app a 4.5 really fun and a good time passer. If your into bidding try it out!!”

The positive reviews from users and the money-back policy guarantee that this auction site is legit because scammers never return the money. Rest assured, as we have also checked the site for ourselves. 

Weighing the Pros and Cons of

You can only know if DealDash is worth the shot after comparing the pros and cons. So, let’s dive in to discover its strengths and limitations.

  • You have the ‘Bidbuddy’ option for automatic uses of the site. Using it, you can set the limit of bidding.
  • Easy navigation makes searching and bidding an easy process.
  • Well-reviewed by customers on customer review sites like Trustpilot and BBB.
  • Amazing customer support.
  • 90 days no questions asked about the money-back policy.
  • Pay-to-play work model where you have to purchase bids before participating in the auction. 
  • Every time you place a bid, you see a bid is removed from your account.
  • Prices of Commodities – Prices of the products can be higher than on Amazon or other e-commerce sites at times.

Should You Consider Using DealDash or Not?

We recommend the DealDash site as it is not fake, there is enough proof that customers are gaining through the bids. It’s also registered on renowned platforms like the Better Business Bureau.

You just have to play cautiously. We understand the urge to click on the yellow tab ‘Bid Now’ but we suggest you wait and compare the prices. Visit other e-commerce sites like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, or Target to compare product prices. Only make a move after comparing the price. 

Wish you good luck on your bidding!


Ans: DealDash works on the pay-and-play module. To simplify the work process of DealDash, you have to buy the ‘bids’ before bidding. After every bidding, the bid in your account will be reduced.

Ans: Yes, when you have bid on a product but didn’t win it, you can get the product by purchasing it with the ‘Buy it Now’ option.

Ans: The platform describes itself as a ‘fair and honest auction’. DealDash is legit, but you may not win every auction. Proceed by comparing the price of the product on other platforms before buying.

Ans: Dealdash sells the products they bought from the brands and the liquidators in brand-new condition. They only share the surplus with their customers by selling the products in the auction.

Ans: Signing up on the platform is free, and you can explore the platform once you have signed up. You have to pay only when you choose to participate in any auction. 

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