Top 15 WhatsApp Spy Apps for Android and iPhone (Free and Paid Both)

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Updated on August 23, 2023

WhatsApp is a highly popular messaging app with over 2.7 billion active monthly users. It serves as an easy way to stay connected with friends and family through texts, sharing multimedia, voice and video calls, daily updates via status, and many more. 

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But with this growing demand, cases of cyberbullying, cybercrime, and cheating are also on the rise. To tackle these issues, spying applications emerged as a revolution. They help the parents get information about their children’s online world; the employer can check whether the employees are sitting idle during working hours and can analyze their performance too. These stalking tools also let partners spy on each other if they are having trust issues.

Disclaimer: We do not own, host, or distribute any of the given spying tools/services and do not promote their use. Spying is an unethical practice. In some cases, it also gives the victim the right to take legal action against you for affecting his/her privacy without your consent. Using these apps with utmost care and at your own risk after analyzing the positives and negatives is advised. 

Let’s collect complete information about these tools and their benefits here.

Why Use a Spy App for WhatsApp? 

Before knowing about these apps, their characteristics, and other related terms, we should figure out their requirements. Several benefits of these tools are given below: 

  • Protection from Inappropriate Content

    These spy applications help parents in controlling inappropriate content such as pornography, violent images, or any other sensitive content that their children are receiving and sharing over WhatsApp with their friends.

  • Managing Screen Time

Nowadays, children are spending a lot of time on digital screens. A major reason behind this high screen time is various social media tools. In such a situation, parents can manage the screen time of their children, at least for WhatsApp. Setting a limit on screen time will be good for kids’ health and well-being. 

  • Monitoring Online Activities

With the help of several parental control apps, parents can regulate the online activities of their children. They can keep an eye on the websites that their children visit, the software that they are using, the people with whom they are in contact, etc. This will protect the kids from any type of dangerous situation such as cybercrime or fraud. 

  • Location Tracking

With the help of such software, people can also track the location of their loved ones. This ensures their safety by informing their whereabouts. Apart from parents, married people can use the location tracking feature of these apps to spy on their partners. 

  • Prevention from Cyberbullying

One of the most serious and common issues over the internet is cyberbullying. Many teenagers are suffering from this problem, which is increasing the number of cases of depression among them. In most cases, the victim could not share his/her concern with anybody due to several reasons. These spying apps serve as one of the best mediums to prevent your kids and others from cyberbullying through keyloggers and other tracking features. 

Overall, these stalking and parental control apps are useful to reduce the cases of child abuse, bullying, cybercrime, porn addiction, etc., and promote healthy screen time among youths. Also, these tools help the user catch their partner red-handed. 

List of 15 best Spy Apps for WhatsApp

As can be understood from the above-given benefits, these apps are not just helpful in spying on someone but also protects your loved ones by keeping an eye on their online activities. If you want to know how to spy on someone’s WhatsApp, a list of some of the most powerful spying tools is prepared here. You can select any one of them as per your suitability and requirements. 

mSpy App Control Panel

This cell phone tracker spy tool has a familiar user interface and offers more than 30 spying features at affordable rates. Along with WhatsApp, you can spy on various other social media applications and activities of the target device. Its keylogger feature allows you to track real-time typing and capture screenshots. Also, app blocking is possible with it. Several other attributes of mSpy are discussed below, along with its advantages and disadvantages. 


  • Call History
  • GPS Location
  • SMS Messages
  • Geofencing
  • Calendars and Notes
  • Contacts
  • Discrete and Tamper Proof
  • Reminders and Voice Memos
  • Wi-Fi History
  • Live location tracking feature
  • Record SMS and instant message content
  • Access to browsing history
  • Compatible with Android and iOS both


The annual subscription plan of mSpy costs $11.67/month for the first year. But it can be quite higher if buying the monthly plan. 

  • Encryption and protection of data.
  • Detailed information about WhatsApp’s activities.
  • 14-Day refund guarantee
  • Expensive
  • Required separate subscriptions for each device being spied on.
EyeZy App Dashboard

It is a powerful monitoring tool that sends you an automatic alert whenever the target device receives a message with a mention of a certain word, which saves you from 24×7 monitoring. For this, you just have to set up filters or keywords. 

The application also has stealth monitoring, a keylogger, quick installation, and user-friendly syncing quality. But in the case of iOS, EyeZy may need jailbreaking to work effectively. It offers three subscription plans to the users including monthly, quarterly, and annual. 


  • Location Tracking
  • Geofencing
  • Browsing Activity
  • Call Logs
  • SMS Messages
  • Screen Recording
  • Website and Wi-Fi Blocking
  • Track live location
  • Can be installed on Android and iPhone both.


EyeZy’s annual plan costs $9.99/month for the first year, which increases to $14.27/month after it. 

  • A free basic version of the app is available.
  • Economical
  • 14-Day refund policy
  • The app requires weekly log-in.
Cocospy App Dashboard

This app works discreetly and consumes less battery while running in the background. It provides you access to both individual and group chats on WhatsApp, along with all call logs and shared files. But a negative of Cocospy is that it is quite expensive for iOS users and still offers limited features. Though, it is a great choice for Android users with economical subscription plans. 


  • Screenshots can be captured.
  • Supports WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook, WeChat, and QQ to spy.
  • Touch action snapshots feature is available.
  • Input keylogger
  • Both Android and iOS users can navigate.


Cocospy may sound a bit expensive with its annual subscription plan at $12.50/month

  • A free basic version of the app is available.
  • Geofencing and real-time location tracking.
  • Full browsing history can be viewed. 
  • 2 months money return policy
  • The app requires weekly log-in.
  • Does not support the recording feature.
uMobix App Control Panel

It provides complete remote control of the target device, helps to monitor all the WhatsApp and other social media platforms’ activities, and most importantly, you can check the deleted messages too. The user can also restrict the outgoing messages and calls from the target phone by using this spyware tool. 

Its fast installation and easy-to-navigate quality make it a great choice. uMobix is compatible with both iOS and Android, but it works more smoothly and offers some advanced functionality to iOS systems. 


  • Access to photos, videos, and audio files
  • Access to social media applications
  • Monitor call logs
  • GPS tracking and Geo-finding
  • Open browsing history
  • Scan Mailbox
  • Supports Android as well as iPhone


uMobix has the same pricing structure as Cocospy, with an annual plan available at $12.49/month.

  • A free basic version of the app is available.
  • User-friendly interface
  • 14-day guaranteed refund
  • The app requires weekly log-in.
  • Limited features are applicable to the basic tier plan.
  • Drains more battery
XNSpy App User Interface

This spy tool lets you record screen & surrounding audio, view deleted texts, and monitor 12 different social media apps. It works more effectively with Android. In the case of iOS, the user has to visit the app’s website to install it. XNSpy’s analytics keeps a record of calls and messages and analyzes them to let you know the whole day’s activity in a simpler and quicker way. 


  • Supports spying on Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Tinder, Telegram, Bumble, Signal, etc.
  • Complete details about emails can be collected.
  • Sends alerts on marked locations and SIM card changes.
  • Browsing history and bookmarks can be monitored.
  • Offers call recording and live screenshots feature. 
  • Watch list locations feature is provided.
  • Android and iOS compatible.


XNSpy is the most budget-friendly software, with an annual pack of $7.50/month.

  • A free basic version of the app is available.
  • Features like geofencing, key logging, ambient recording, etc. are provided.
  • 10-day refund policy
  • The app requires weekly log-in.
  • It is necessary to connect the target device to the internet to get live updates.
  • Does not support the monitoring process on PCs.
Spyic App Dashboard

This app shares the timestamp of each message that is received or sent on WhatsApp so that you can know when the conversation was done between the target and the third person. It also keeps the spying activity confidential and does not need jailbreaking.

Spyic offers 24×7 customer support service and comes up with six different subscription plans. It not only offers a free demo but also a refund policy of 60 days and lets you spy 3 devices at a time. 


  • Access to WhatsApp, Facebook, LINE, Viber, Skype, Snapchat logs, and messages.
  • No need for jailbreaking or rooting of the target device.
  • Geo-fence alerts and GPS availability
  • Both Android and iOS users can use this app.


Its basic annual subscription plan is $8.33/month, while the premium plan is $9.99/month.

  • A free basic version of the app is available.
  • Instant message logging
  • Capability to view complete browsing history
  • The app requires weekly log-in.
  • No access to audio and video of the phone.
  • Separate subscriptions are needed for each device.
Hoverwatch App Control Panel

It is a complete package of spying tools with call and message tracking, audio and video file recording, screenshot facility, monitoring notes, to-do lists, etc. This app is easy to navigate, but it can’t be run on iOS. Also, the professional and business plans of Hoverwatch are budget-friendly, but the personal plans are a bit expensive. 


  • Access to WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, Hangouts, QQ, Telegram, Tinder, and WeChat messages along with emails.
  • Application screenshots
  • SIM card change notification
  • Call recording
  • Recording and monitoring internet browsing history.


Hoverwatch’s annual plan starts from $12.49/month, which can go much higher in the case of a monthly plan. 

  • A free basic version of the app is available.
  • Ambient recording
  • Collects the data anonymously
  • User-friendly interface
  • Tracking live location
  • Accessible on Android, Windows, and macOS.
  • 14-day refund policy
  • The app requires weekly log-in.
ClevGuard (KidsGuard) App User-Interface

ClevGuard is a parent app for KidsGuard and several other software. This tool lets the user monitor the target’s WhatsApp messages, status, record them, manage WhatsApp calls, etc. 

Its 24×7 support service and live demo makes it more user-friendly. The app provides the unique features of a keylogger and calendar control. Most importantly, parents can use ClevGuard to set daily time limits for WhatsApp usage by their children.


  • Remote syncing of data can be done over Wi-Fi.
  • A geofencing feature is offered.
  • Screenshots can be captured.
  • Live location can be tracked.
  • Browsing history can be monitored.
  • Support several social media apps.


ClevGuard’s plan costs $9.99/month if you opt for an annual pack. The prices may vary as per the product you choose.

  • A free basic version of the app is available.
  • Data can be spied on anonymously.
  • Supports iOS, Android, and Windows
  • 30-day refund policy
  • The app requires weekly log-in.
iKeyMonitor App Dashboard

This parental control app supports many messaging platforms. There is no need for jailbreaking or rooting to perform basic functions. However, to access some advanced benefits, such as monitoring browsing history or Snapchat rooting may be required. iKeyMonitor tool stores WhatsApp contacts of the target phone in its extensive database for easy access.

A free version of the app is also available, but if you want to enjoy some premium qualities, you may select any of the two subscription plans as per your suitability. 


  • A live listening feature is available.
  • Real-time location can be tracked.
  • Live screen recording and call recording can be done.
  • Websites can be blocked to limit screen time. 
  • Geofencing and GPS facility
  • Provides access to the user’s call history.
  • All software and sites can be monitored.


iKeyMonitor is among the most expensive software, with an annual subscription of $16.66/month. It has a short-term plan, which costs $3.33 for three days, and a monthly plan starts from $29.99.

  • A free basic version of the app is available.
  • Can be used with Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS.
  • 1 month guaranteed refund
  • The app requires weekly log-in.
  • Rough checkout experience
FlexiSpy App Control Panel

This tool opens a list of WhatsApp contacts along with their messages and shared files. It is an umbrella software to spy on so many social media apps like Facebook Messenger, Gmail, Twitter, Line, etc. Parents can use it to control their children’s activities and block inappropriate sites and software.

FlexiSpy can open WhatsApp chats along with their timing, but to get all the spying benefits, jailbreaking is necessary. 


  • SMS, MMS, incoming and outgoing calls can be monitored.
  • WhatsApp and various other social media apps can be accessed.
  • Geo-tracking and geofencing features are available.
  • The browsing history of the target device can be checked.
  • Wallpaper images, photos, videos, audio files, etc. can also be spied on.


FlexiSpy’s monthly plan is available at a high rate of $29.95.

  • A free basic version of the app is available.
  • The uninstallation process of the app from the target device can be stopped.
  • Easy remote installation process
  • Log on/off activities of the target can be known.
  • Available on Android, iOS, and PC
  • The app requires weekly log-in.
SpyBubble App User-Interface

It provides access to not just texts, but also to the multimedia files of the target device. Its special technology allows you to read deleted messages as well. The whole status of WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and other applications can be detected. SpyBubble can also track contact details, read notes, and do several other activities. But a negative of the app is that it does not provide a live demo to its users.


  • Live tracking of all digital footprints can be done.
  • Website activities can be scanned.
  • Incoming and outgoing calls, SMS, and MMS can be spied on.
  • Geo-tracking is available.
  • Runs on iOS, and Android


SpyBubble’s annual pack costs $12.49/month. They have two subscription categories, personal and professional, which costs $24.95 and $49.95 per month respectively. They also provide a three days free trial.

  • A free basic version of the app is available.
  • Detects changes in the contact list of the target device.
  • Application blocking and photo monitoring features are available.
  • Video recording feature is available even in offline mode.
  • 14-day refund policy
  • The app requires weekly log-in.
Spyzzz Login Window

It gives full control of the children’s or partner’s device to the user, so they can regulate the contacts to send the messages to the target device, and can block the entire device if required. You can also take a screenshot of the chat between the target and the third person to keep it as proof. 

Some other attractive services of Spyzzz include keylogger, audio & video access, block Wi-Fi, SIM card change alerts, etc. 


  • All sent, received, and deleted messages can be checked.
  • Tracks incoming and outgoing calls.
  • Provides access to all media files.
  • Supports geo-tracking
  • The feature of a mailbox scanner is available.
  • Can be run on Android and iOS.


The monthly pack of Spyzzz starts at $24.99.

  • A free basic version of the app is available.
  • Contacts and the whole device can be blocked.
  • Can track YouTube activities.
  • The app requires weekly log-in.
Spyera App Control Panel

Along with WhatsApp chats, the user can also read SMS and MMS and turn on the microphone of the target device to listen to the background audio via this spying tool. Blocking inappropriate apps & sites, real-time typing status by the keylogger, and tracking notes are some other advanced features of the app.

Spyera not only supports iOS and Android, but also spies macOS and Windows. It offers different subscription plans for various devices. A drawback of the app is that it does not provide a live demo to the users. 


  • Photos and videos can be accessed.
  • The call recording feature is available.
  • Live listening to the target device’s surroundings.
  • Incoming and outgoing calls can be accessed along with numerous social media apps, including WhatsApp.
  • Can monitor browsing activity
  • Geo-tracking and geofencing features are provided.


Spyera subscription plan costs $89 per month for the smartphone version and $49 per month for the desktop version.

  • A free basic version of the app is available.
  • Stealth mode is available to run the app as undetectable.
  • Apps and sites can be blocked.
  • Can be used with Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS.
  • 10-day refund guarantee
  • The app requires weekly log-in.
  • Subscription plans may also vary as per the device.
SPY24 Dashboard

It is a WhatsApp-focused spy app that can read all the text, monitor incoming & outgoing calls, note their timing & length, and can check out missed calls as well. It can be accessed on multiple social media platforms. One of the best things about SPY24 is that it offers a one-month free trial to users. 

The tool provides 254 plus monitoring functions, including a keylogger, live listening, spying on Facebook messages, network connections, track notes, etc.


  • Access to various social media applications. 
  • Conversations can be recorded.
  • Can also spy emails.
  • Messages, multimedia, and calls can be monitored.
  • Can spy on browsing activity, network connections, and bookmarks.
  • GPS tracking is available.
  • Alerts related to the dashboard, SIM card change, and battery status are provided.


Spy24 is among the most affordable spying tools with a monthly subscription of $4.99. It also has a free trial for one month.

  • A free basic version of the app is available.
  • A real-time listening feature is available.
  • Compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS
  • The app requires weekly log-in.
Mobile Tracker Free User-Interface

If you want to know how to spy on WhatsApp messages on Android for free, this app is for you. It offers several benefits, such as access to a clipboard & Gmail, remote configuration, keystrokes in the native language, etc. Mobile Tracker Free can spy on WhatsApp and Facebook and can track the target’s location. Its free version has a limited range of features, but the premium version comes with some exclusive add-ons.

The app has numerous negatives as well, such as the fact that it is only Android compatible, certain features can be used for a limited amount of time, and others. If you want to access the benefits of the software for an unlimited period of time, check out the paid options. 


  • Provides access to Gmail.
  • Remote configuration can be done.
  • Can also track SMS.
  • Complete Access to the target’s voice calls and video calls. 
  • GPS tracking is provided.


As the name suggests, Mobile Tracker Free is available without any charges. However, in order to get additional benefits, you can buy their premium pack which costs only $4.40/month.

  • A free basic version of the app is available.
  • Audio recording can be done remotely.
  • The app requires weekly log-in.
  • Does not support iOS.
  • Limited time for recording audio calls.

I hope this handpicked list provides you with the complete information that you were searching for regarding how to spy on someone’s WhatsApp. Further, differentiation among the top apps is mentioned to get a quick snapshot.

Comparison Chart for WhatsApp Spy App 

Choosing the right spying app can be an overwhelming task. To solve this problem, we have come up with a comparison table of the top 5 WhatsApp tracker apps based on the cheapest plan, compatibility, and refund policy. However, these picks do not support WhatsApp Web. To get access to it, you can refer to some other Windows or MacOS-compatible spying tools mentioned above.

WhatsApp Spy AppCheapest PlanCompatibilityRefund Guarantee
mSpy$11.67/month (Annual Plan)Android and iOS14-Days Refund Guarantee
EyeZy$9.99/month (Annual Plan)Android and iOS14-Days Refund Policy
CocoSpy$12.50/month (Annual Plan)Android and iOS2 Months Money Return Policy
uMobix$12.49/month (Annual Plan)Android and iOS14-Days Guaranteed Refund
XNSpy$7.50/month Android and iOS10-Days Refund Policy

These tools have been selected on the basis of customer reviews, various features, affordable pricing, support service, and several other measures. The list is not rigid and may vary as per your preference. But you should always check out some criteria that make spying software powerful in its category. The solution for the same is discussed further.

Points to Consider While Choosing a WhatsApp Tracker App

Nowadays, multiple spying software is available on the Internet. In such a situation, it becomes difficult for the users to pick out the best one that serves all the required features at pocket-friendly rates. Here are some parameters given that you should consider while choosing a stalking app: 

  • Ease of Use

    More features may sound attractive, but they can also make the app’s user interface complicated. You should always pick an app with an easy-to-use interface. To get a check on it, you can sign up for a free trial or live demo. Go through its features and use the process to decide whether you can understand the interface or not.

  • Price

    Prices of a spying app vary as per the list of available features. If you want to get some advanced features such as geofencing, live listening, audio and video recording, etc., you may have to pay higher charges. However, the attribute of reading WhatsApp chats is available in the basic plan at affordable prices too. So, choose something which is under your budget.

  • Reliability 

    Always choose an app that does not lag in providing information from the target phone, otherwise, your purpose of using it will get wasted. To know about reliability, you should go through the customer reviews of the app before installing it. 

  • Stealth

    Before selecting a spying app, you should confirm whether it works anonymously or not. Otherwise, the target will easily identify that someone is spying on his/her activities. Hence, these applications should be designed and developed with complete stealth monitoring. 

  • Features

    Features are an important deciding factor when choosing a WhatsApp spyware app. There are lots of apps available with a range of features. But you should know what you want instead of paying extra money for unnecessary attributes. 

    If you particularly want to spy the WhatsApp, monitoring chats, multimedia, and incoming & outgoing calls are some prime features that you may require. After that, it’s up to you which additional spying benefit you want to get from the app.

  • Support

    You should not prefer an application that has amazing features at attractive rates but poor customer support. What if you are facing any technical issue in the app or have some other problem, but there is no one at the other end to hear your concerns? You’ll definitely get frustrated. Pick an app which is offering 24×7 support service to its users.

Note: You should not rush or go for the cheap option while picking the best stalking app, otherwise, you may fall into big trouble if the target catches you. 

Standard Features of the WhatsApp Spying App

As we can understand from the given information, spy apps for WhatsApp come with numerous advantages and attributes. But all of them are not always required. Some of the most common and prime features of these stalking tools are reading private chats, monitoring the call logs and their timing, and tracking the live location of the target. They are described below in detail: 

  • Spy WhatsApp Private Chats

    As we know, WhatsApp is a popular source of chatting among all age groups. If you want to spy on your children’s or spouse’s private chat, you can do it easily by using the aforementioned tools. Not just their chats, but you can also get access to media that is shared to and from the target device. 

    Some apps also provide the feature of taking a screenshot of the target phone’s display that you can use later as proof.

  • Access to All Incoming and Outgoing WhatsApp Calls

    Apart from access to chats, most of these apps offer to spy on incoming and outgoing WhatsApp calls along with the contact information of the person. This will help you to know with whom your child or partner is talking late at night. Other than that, some premium version of these tools, allows you to record audio as well as video calls.

  • GPS Tracker

    Tracking the real-time location of the target device is another common feature that is offered by these WhatsApp Spy Apps. It will not just let you spy on someone, but will also help in knowing whether the targeted person is not in trouble. 

    Additionally, some apps offer the feature of geofencing as a bonus that allows users to create a virtual geographical boundary around an area. Whenever the target device enters or leaves this boundary, geo-fence will send an alert to the user.

    The need for different features may vary from user to user. If you want to enjoy more benefits, you may have to pay more to get the premium pack of the software. But for basic spying, the aforementioned attributes are enough.


It can be a herculean task to take out the best stalking app, especially when every one of them claims to be the most supportive and useful. In such a scenario, it is advised to always take a free trial to get a clear picture. 

In the above-given information, we tried to cover all the necessary points, such as the top WhatsApp spy apps, their benefits, features, pricing, pros & cons, how to pick out the best one, etc. A thing should be clear in your mind that these tools are not just for spying on your spouse, kids, or employees, but also to protect your close ones from the trap of social media and the online world. 

Also, be careful while using these apps as they may create legal trouble in certain cases. We do not promote or encourage them. It is completely the users’ choice and responsibility. 

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