12 Best Android Spyware Apps for Spying Easily in 2024!

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Updated on February 20, 2024

Have you ever tried using WhatsApp spy apps, Snapchat spy apps, Instagram spy apps, or any other similar app to find out if your spouse is cheating or just casually spying on your friend? If yes, you must have discovered that, apart from keeping an eye on their browsing activities, these apps can help you in many ways. Such as monitoring your child’s phone and protecting them from addiction, observing your employee’s performance, and many more. 

The best spy app for Android is offered at reasonable pricing, with exclusive features, a free-trial period, and much more. Using this, you can easily check on your children and employees, track stolen or lost devices, and even ensure the safety of your elderly family members. 

Let’s dive in and discover the best apps to spy on Android phone; both free and paid, find out if they are legit, unique attributes, ways to choose the right option for yourself, and much more. 

12 Best Android Spyware Apps to Use in 2024

So, if you are looking for the best spying app for Android, this quick comparison table might help you find a right one and swiftly hop into the specifications! 

Android spyware Apps’ Name Cheapest Plan Available ( in $)Monthly Price ( in $)Money-Back GuaranteeJailBreak Required/Rooting RequiredKeylogger
1mSpy 19.4448.9914-daysNo Yes 
2uMobix11.6749.9914-daysNo Yes 
3Clevguard12.9919.9930-daysNo Yes 
5eyeZy2555 for premium14-daysNo Yes 
6FlexiSPY29.95 (Xlite)79 for premium10-daysYesYes 
7FamiGuard16.65(3-month plan)29.9514-daysNoYes 
8Hoverwatch24.9524.95NoNot alwaysYes 
9CocoSpy39.99 (Xlite)49.99 (Premium)14-daysYesYes 
11TheOneSpy25 (Xlite)55 (Premium)YesYes 

It can be considered one of the best spyware for Android. You can use it to monitor your target remotely; for example, you can easily keep track of your child’s, elderly parents, or other family member’s whereabouts.


  • It allows viewing phone calls, call logs, SMS, and instant message apps without hassle.
  • This permits the tracking of GPS location.
  • It lets you block inappropriate websites.
  • You can get location alerts with the help of geofencing.
  • It allows changing the settings of the target’s device.
  • User-friendly panel and easy-installation process
  • Advanced software with user-friendly UI.
  • Options for Rooting and Jailbreaking are available. 
  • Helps identify cyberbullying 
  • Unreliable geofencing 
  • Rooting is required to monitor instant messaging. 
  • Delayed sync while using Google accounts.

Elements You Can Track

  • Social media:- WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, Telegram, Kik, Hike, Hangouts, Line, Tinder, and Viber
  • Location:- GPS Location, Geo-Fencing
  • Internet:- Wi-Fi networks, website bookmarks, incoming and outgoing emails, browsing history
  • Calls and messages:- Incoming & outgoing calls, SMS/Messages + iMessage
  • Others:- Screen recorder, application blocking, keylogger, view photos & videos, keyword alerts, blocking websites, calendar activities, etc. 


  • Platforms Supported:- iPad, Android, iPhone
  • Free Trial:- Available 
  • GPS Location Tracking:- Yes
  • Refund Policy:- 14-day money-back guarantee
  • 24×7 Support:- Yes, on toll-free +1 (899) 896-0041 


  • 1 month:- $48.99 
  • 3 months:- $28 (Popular Plan)
  • 12 months:- $11.66

Check out our mSpy review to know more about this spy app.

A Tip – You can turn off the auto-renewal of your subscription plan at the time of check-out to make it flexible for you to switch between the other options. 


With this app, you can spy on Android phone of your child to monitor their online activities with real-time access to a camera and microphone, irrespective of their current location. This boasts fantastic customer service in the industry.


  • It allows capturing screenshots from the targeted cell phone.
  • It permits to access the gallery and media files.
  • Likewise, it lets you track the keystrokes of the target by using the integrated keylogger, which also shows the data copied from the clipboard.
  • User-friendly panel and easy-installation process
  • Accurate while tracking browsing history. 
  • Impressive data sync speed shows messages that are sent and immediately deleted. 
  • Unreliable geofencing 
  • Inconsistent social media updates.

Elements You Can Track

  • Messages and calls:- Call logs, contact lists, text messages, calls, contacts, restricted calls, disabled messages, etc. 
  • Social media:- WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, YouTube, Kik, Hike, Hangouts, Line, Tinder, Viber, TikTok, Reddit, Tinder, Zoom, WeChat, Skype, other dating apps, etc.
  • Location:- GPS Location, Geo-Finder
  • Internet:- Record browser usage, scan mailbox, and browsing History
  • Others:- Screen recorder, application blocking, keylogger, View photos & videos, keyword alerts, blocking websites, regulate data-usage, etc. 


  • Platforms Supported:- Windows, Android, iPhone, Mac, 
  • Free Trial:- Available 
  • GPS Location Tracking:- Yes
  • Refund Policy:- 14-day money-back guarantee
  • 24×7 Support:- Yes, on toll-free +1 (899) 896-0041 


  • 1 month:- $49.99 
  • 3 months:- $27.99 
  • 12 months:- $11.66

Clevguard allows you to remotely monitor the activities of the target cell phone. For example, you can monitor the GPS and Location of the Wi-Fi. Also, you can enjoy real-time data sync to get the fastest updates, which is supported on Android version 4.0 or higher. 


  • It can capture the screenshots remotely.
  • This supports multi-languages.
  • It allows recording phone calls. 
  • User-friendly panel and easy-installation process
  • Stealth monitoring feature to protect you from being discovered. 
  • Impressive remote-control functions
  • Unreliable geofencing 

Elements You Can Track

  • Social Media:- WeChat, Viber, Kik, QQ, Line lite, WhatsApp, WhatsApp Business, Instagram, Tinder, Snapchat, Telegram, Facebook, Facebook Lite, Messenger Lite, etc. 
  • Calls and Messages:- Call logs, contact, messages, and record logs
  • Internet:- Browser History
  • Location:- GPS/Wi-Fi location and Geo-Fencing
  • Additional features:- Photos, videos, calendars, data export, keylogger, app activities, capture screenshots. 


  • Platforms Supported:- iOS, Windows, Android
  • Free Trial:- Available 
  • Location Tracking:- Possible 
  • 24X & Support:- Yes
  • Refund Policy:- 30-day money-back guarantee


  • 1 month:- $39.99 (Popular Plan)
  • 3 months:- $19.99 
  • 12 months:- $9.16

Spokeo is one of the best apps for parental control because it records website visits, screenshots, calls, and many more activities. It can also block the installation of specific apps and games on iOS and Android devices. 


  • It allows monitoring WhatsApp messages become easy with this.
  • You can receive real-time alerts from the targeted device.
  • It records keystrokes.
  • With this, you can block certain applications or video games.
  • User-friendly panel and easy-installation process
  • Enhanced spying options, such as screenshot features 
  • Access user’s call history and messages
  • Unreliable geofencing 
  • No access to web browsing history

Elements you can keep an eye:-

  • Social Media:- Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, etc.
  • Calls and Messages:- Track SMS, contacts, and incoming and outgoing calls
  • Internet:- Search engine, Emails
  • Location:- Location History, Geo-Tracking
  • Others:- Wealth data, Personal Details, Family, and associate. 


  • Platforms Supported:- Windows, iOS, Android
  • Free Trial:- Available 
  • GPS Location:- Yes
  • 24 × 7:- Yes
  • Free Trial:-  7-days 


  • 1 month:- $19.95 (Popular Plan)
  • 3 months:- $14.95 

eyeZy is another addition to the list of apps that act as great spyware for Android. It allows you to view pictures, videos, and apps without being caught. This makes it very easy for parents to discover what their kids are posting and their opinions on social media. 


  • It is excellent in social media monitoring.
  • The app allows tracking and controls the website visits.
  • It can fetch the information about the events on the phone’s calendar, with the right details.
  • User-friendly panel and easy-installation process
  • Social spotlight allows a peep into private messages
  • Accurate GPS trackers
  • Robust features
  • Unreliable geofencing 
  • Price can be a steeper side while monitoring multiple devices. 

Elements You Can Track:-

  • Social Media:- Kik, Telegram, Viber, WhatsApp, LINE, Tinder, Snapchat, Instagram, Hangout, Skype, Facebook Messenger, etc. 
  • Messages and Calls:- Calls incoming and outgoing, messages, deleted and SMS, iMessage, contact list viewing access. 
  • Internet:- Track browser history, Browser bookmarks
  • Location:- GPS location, Geo-fencing, Wi-Fi networks. 
  • Others:- Keylogger, photos, screen recorder, calendar notes, emails, application blocking, website blocking, etc. 


  • Platforms Supported:- Android, iOS, Smartphones
  • Location Tracking:- Yes
  • Free Trial:- Available 
  • 24 × 7 Support:- Available 
  • Policy for Refund:- 14-days Money-back guarantee


  • 1 month:- $19.95 (Popular Plan)
  • 3 months:- $14.95 

FlexiSPY is a wonderful tool for spying on mobiles, tablets, and computers. In fact, you can install it on the targeted cell phone or computer remotely and then start monitoring its activities. 


  • It allows tracking the activities of the target device.
  • The ambient recording option allows recording the surroundings.
  • The app permits to capture of the photos from the targeted device. 
  • It also allows sending messages remotely from the target device to any number.
  • There is no rooting required.
  • User-friendly panel and easy-installation process
  • Runs in Stealth Mode 
  • Real-time dashboard alerts
  • Monitors log-on/off activities 
  • Permits sending remote commands 
  • Unreliable geofencing 

Elements you can track:-

  • Social Media:- Facebook, LINE, Viber, Snapchat, WhatsApp, WeChat, Hike, Kik, Instagram, Skype, Google, Telegram, Hangouts, Tinder, etc. 
  • Messages & Calls:- SMS, MMS contact list, calls both incoming and outgoing. 
  • Location:- Geo-fencing and Geo-tracking
  • Internet:- Network connections, browsing activity, bookmarks, etc. 
  • Others:- Keylogger, application files, browsing activity, photos, videos, wallpaper images, calendar, remote commands, battery status. 


  • Supported on Platforms:- iOS, Android, iPad, Computers
  • 24×7 Support:- Available
  • Location Tracking:- Yes
  • Free Trial:-Only one-day free-trail available 


  • 1 month:- $19.95 (Popular Plan)
  • 3 months:- $14.95 

FamiGuard is a fantastic spy application where you can instantly watch emails, messages, chats, social media activities, etc. Not only this, you can also track the live locations of the targeted device. Additionally, it supports Android 4 to 12. 


  • It monitors activities of the desired cell phone, either from your own mobile phone or computer.
  • It allows you to download the recorded videos recorded.
  • It has a user-friendly set-up and has excellent functionality of being hidden.
  • User-friendly panel and easy-installation process
  • Download the recordings 
  • Integrated android spy check to monitor the usage every hour
  • Unreliable geofencing 
  • Money-back offer available only on 2-month cancellations 

Elements You Can Track:-

  • Social media:- Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp, WhatsApp business, Facebook, Messenger, Facebook lite, messenger lite, Tinder, LINE, LINE lite, Telegram, Kik, Q.Q, WeChat, Viber, etc. 
  • Calls and messages:-Track contacts and, SMS, including incoming and outgoing calls. 
  • Internet:- Monitors browsing activity, emails, search engines, etc. 
  • Location:- GPS, location history, satellite maps view, etc. 
  • Others:- Video games, keyloggers, satellites, videos, Photos, app activities, calendars, etc. 


  • Platforms supported:- Android & iOS
  • Free Trial:- Available 
  • 24 × 7 Support:- Yes
  • Location Tracking:-Yes
  • Refunds:- 30-days money-back guarantee


  • 1 month:- $29.95 (Popular Plan)
  • 3 months:- $49.95 
  • 1 year:- $99.95

Hoverwatch is a fantastic spy tool for users to get live-targeted updates so, that you can get to know wherever the individual is going. In fact, with one account, you can easily monitor multiple devices. 


  • Allows access to the audio and the call history
  • Permits recording the messages
  • Allows accessing the internet activity of the user
  • Eases access to the calendar and contacts.
  • User-friendly panel and easy-installation process
  • Allows taking frequent screenshots from the phone of the target individual. 
  • Eases rooting the target’s Android device. 
  • Unreliable geofencing 

Elements you can monitor:-

  • Social Media:- Facebook, Snapchat, Viber, WhatsApp
  • Messages and Calls:- Calls whether incoming & outgoing, SMS, records calls, and SMS, access the contact list allows saving the information. 
  • Location:- SIM card tracking, GPS 
  • Internet:- Tracks and records the browsing history. 
  • Others:- Detects SIM card changes, takes screenshots of the activities, saves plans, agendas, and appointments, and takes camera shots and reminders. 


Supported Platforms:- Mac, Windows, Android, iOS. 

24×7 support:- Yes 

Location Tracking:- Yes

Free-trial:- 3-day free-trial period 


  • Personal plan:- $2.95
  • Professional plan:- $9.99
  • Business plan:- $6.00

Cocospy is the best app to track calls, messages, and locations. In fact, it has a specific feature that allows you to sneak peek into the saved contacts. Hence, you can easily monitor your kids and employees. 


  • It allows utilizing features of parental control.
  • The app permits activity tracking of the targeted phone.
  • It also has an ambient recording option available to record the surroundings.
  • This allows taking remote photos from the target cell.
  • Likewise, it is supported on Android 8 or higher.
  • User-friendly panel and easy-installation process
  • Permits to preview videos and identify adult content quickly
  • Real-time location tracking 
  • Keylogger access to identify the abusive words
  • Unreliable geofencing 
  • May require rooting for some devices 

Elements You Can Monitor:-

  • Location:- GPS tracking, Geo-fencing
  • Social Media:- Facebook, Snapchat, Viber, Instagram, WhatsApp
  • Calls and Messages:- Incoming & outgoing calls+ messages including iMessage
  • Others:- SIM card changes, IMEI number
  • Internet:- Browser history 


  • Supported Platforms:- iOS, Android
  • 24 X 7 Support:- Yes
  • Location tracking:- Yes
  • Refund Policy:- 14-days money back 


  • Premium plan:- $12.49 
  • Basic plan:- $39.99
  • Family plan:- $69.99

Spyera is an amazing tool for keeping an eye on computers, tablets, and phones, without being detected. So, monitor our Androids, iPhones, and iPads, remotely. 


  • It permits to track your employee’s activities and run the business efficiently.
  • It has user-friendly control panel and easy installation.
  • This allows to have SMS and email motoring support.
  • It has undetectable free updates and various remote upgrades.
  • User-friendly panel and easy-installation process
  • No rooting required 
  • Permits access to the media 
  • Reliable connection 
  • Good speed for syncing 
  • Unreliable geofencing 

Elements You Can Monitor:-

  • Calls and Messages:- SMS 7 MMS tracking, live call listening, tracking incoming and outgoing calls. 
  • Social Media:-WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, LINE, Snapchat, Hike, Kik, Instagram, hangouts, Telegram, Tinder, WeChat, Q.Q
  • Location:-Geo-fencing and geo-tracking 
  • Internet:- Browser bookmarks, emails, network connections, Browsing history 
  • Others:-Records conversations, surrounding listening, keylogger, remote video, desktop screenshot, audio files, photos, dashboard alerts, etc. 


  • Supported on Platforms:- iOS, Android, macOS, iPhone, iPad, Windows PC, etc. 
  • Refund Policy:- 10-day money-back guarantee provided 
  • 24×7 Support:- Available 


  • Smartphone plan:- $89.00
  • Tablet plan:- $69.00
  • Computer plan:- $49.00
  • For all devices:- $479/year 

TheOneSpy is a fantastic solution for accessing the camera control and microphones of the target Android device. You can easily monitor conversations happening on the device. 


  • You can listen to the conversation live and keep an eye on the online activities of your kid.
  • With this, you can monitor the digit’s password using the password chaser feature.
  • It allows you to track the call history.
  • User-friendly panel and easy-installation process
  • Customizable 
  • Live calls listening 
  • Can monitor password 
  • Remotely manage tracking
  • Unreliable geofencing 

Elements You Can Monitor:-

  • Location:-GPS tracking
  • Calls and Messages:-  all the private conversations 
  • Internet:- Monitors internet activity 
  • Others:-live camera access 


  • Refund policy:- 14-day money-back guarantee 
  • Supported platforms:- Android
  • Locations Access:- Yes 


  • 1-month plan:- $25.00
  • 1-year plan:- $55.
  • Cheapest plan:-$6.25

XNSPY is another addition to the list capable of cellphone monitoring. It can be proven to be a reliable tool for businesses to monitor the activities of their employees and evaluate their performance. It also allows the monitoring of employees, children, spouses, etc. 


  • It allows tracking of employees and makes the business hours productive.
  • This also allows access to long and frequent conversations.
  • It enables microphone access to hear the sound of the surroundings.
  • User-friendly panel and easy-installation process
  • Enables detecting live-location 
  • Read incoming and outgoing emails
  • Remote phone block and app locking 
  • Unreliable geofencing 
  • Loss of valuable info. during jail breaking
  • Spying for free is not allowed 

Elements You Can Monitor 

  • Messages and Calls:- This allows monitoring activities on all the possible instant messaging apps. 
  • Internet:- Wi-Fi connections, web-surfing history 
  • Others:- You can create a watch list of the words to get alerts, even in emails. 
  • Social apps:- Allows monitoring 12 social apps 


  • Supported platform:- iPhone, Android, macOS, macOS, Windows, iPad, etc. 
  • Refund policy:- 10 Days money-back policy 
  • Location access:- Yes
  • Demo:- Available 


  • 1-month plan:- $49.99
  • Quarterly plan:- $29.99

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Benefits of Using Spy App for Android Phone

By now, it must be clear that using the spy app for Android can be useful to parents, employers, spouses, law enforcement agencies, and many more for various purposes. These can be monitoring a child’s activities and safety, a family member’s whereabouts, an employee’s productivity, finding reliable evidence, addressing relationship trust, and much more. 

Let’s look at some advantages these spy apps for Android can provide to you:-

  1. These apps can be used as a parental software control to monitor their device and track their internet activities, including social media, browsing habits, and conversations on instant messaging apps. 
  2. Remote monitoring allows you to keep an eye on your kids or employees without being physically present near your PC or laptop. 
  3. It assists in ensuring the safety of elderly parents.
  4. Helps in monitoring the activities of employees during work hours. 
  5. Furthermore, it lets tracking stolen devices remotely. 

Well, this is how using spy apps can be practically advantageous!

Are These Android Spy Apps Legit?

Well, the answer to this is “YES”, these spy apps work. You can easily deploy these apps for tracking your children and even employees. These apps are actually reliable enough to get the accurate data. With the help of this, you can see their social media, chat messages, contact list, and many more. 

Yes, the spy apps are legal to use. Although, sometimes it is important to do plenty of research before deploying it for your use. It is essential to do it because you are investing your time, money, and efforts into an application, hence, it is necessary to ensure that it won’t turn out as a scam. 

How to Choose the Right Spy App for Android Devices?

Well, you might be confused after reading a plethora of fantastic options. Here’s the escape to it to evaluate and find the right spyware for Android. 

  • Know, if it Requires Rooting or Jailbreaking:- 

Check whether it requires rooting or jailbreaking, as these approaches should be avoided by tech-savvy people; hence, beginners should not play with them. 

  • Be Clear With Your Required Features:- 

Know what you’re looking for. Whether you want to know the secret calls they don’t attend when you enter the room, or where they hang out by missing classes. You can pick something with a keylogger, screenshot feature, video streaming, browser history, etc. Also, these apps are compatible with iOS, Android, and sometimes both. 

  • Try Out a Free Trial and Compare Prices:-

To finalize a worthwhile product, it is really important for you to compare the prices. Choosing to give the free trial period a try is a no surprise. There are so many products on the market which offer access for a limited time. This will help you navigate to the smartest option available. 

  • Reviews and Claims:-

It is indispensable to look for honest opinions from specific product users on the internet. Scan the truthful testimonials for the false and overly-sugarcoated ones. Don’t risk yourself by overlooking the reviews and purchasing paid or free spy apps. 

Based on these criteria, you should choose spying apps for Android devices!

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Ans: No, it is an ethical practice, especially when implemented with good intentions. You can definitely use those apps to find out the truth or for your own protection. 

Ans: Actually, both mean the same. The term “Rooting” is used for Android to have admin-level control, whereas “jailbreaking” for iOS removes manufacturers’ restrictions for accessing iPhone’s apps and files. 

Ans: You can know, if someone is spying on you if your device shows symptoms like; frequent battery issues, performance issues, data usage fluctuations, temperature rising suddenly, weird messages, unknown apps, etc. 

Ans: Yes, it is essential to stay connected to the internet so that you can get notifications and alerts about activities. 

Ans: It totally depends on the app’s features, according to which permission for the device’s connection is assigned. Sometimes, the type of subscription also determines the amount of permission given to connect a number of devices.

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