11 Best Snapchat Spy Apps in 2023 [Free and Paid]

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Updated on October 28, 2023

Disclaimer: We do not support spying because it is not a legitimate practice. The reader is entirely responsible if they choose to utilize Snapchat’s tracker. However, if done from a parental standpoint, they are still free to do it based on their own free will and taking the risk into account.

Social media has ballooned in the 21st century, and no one is left untouched by its ongoing trend. Snapchat is one such app widely used by people of different age groups, with over 383 million active users, including many teenagers. But on the other hand, most often, parents are worried about the security of their children. 

The problem with Snapchat is that you can’t use Whatsapp Spy Apps to access the data on Snap; this is because of the difference between the security protocol.

Snapchat’s auto-delete feature and disappearing protocol, along with its capability of connecting with strangers, have made parents concerned about the well-being of their children. And they are eagerly looking for a solution to spy on their children’s Snapchat accounts without having to access their devices directly. So, many guardians are looking for an accessible Snapchat spy app. 

In this article, I have listed several paid and unpaid Snapchat spy apps that will allow you to track your friends, family, employees, or children’s activities on this app without giving them any hint.

Why are Snapchat Spy Apps Needed? 

Snapchat has taken the world by storm for both good and bad reasons? Its live location feature, which could land teens in trouble, has raised some eyebrows. This fear of security is the major driving force behind the skyrocketing demand for Snapchat trackers. 

Let’s look at the reasons that have resulted in the growing concern among people: 

  • This social media app does not save pictures or messages so that you can view them later. This makes tracking and monitoring become difficult.
  • The photo message disappears after a few seconds when the receiver views it. The receiver can take a screenshot of the photo, though

the sender is notified. But you cannot rule out the possibility that the receiver may share the photo with others.

  • Children and adults are more prone to sexting. Even the app admitted that more than 25% of people use it for sensitive content on a regular basis.
  • Snap Map lets you know the location of your friends who are added to your Snapchat. It is not necessary that a child only have his known friends on the list; strangers could also be there. Then, the child may be at potential risk. 
  • A child may be exposed to explicit content.

What needs to be kept in mind is that there are quite a few free apps that are not at all safe and steal your personal information and sell it to a third party.

The ability to track someone’s location on Google Maps was already a scary thought; Snapchat allowing that even more easily made it even worse for parents. So, after conducting research, I have listed some reliable spy apps that will not compromise your privacy and security.

List of Top 11 Snapchat Spy Apps 

There are several Snapchat spy apps that are available on different digital platforms. Some of them are offered for free but many levy charges. If you are someone who doesn’t like to spend much on these kinds of apps for monitoring the activities of your child, in that case, you can try these Snapchat tracker apps for free. 

But if you are not short of money and want to enjoy the best features, you can definitely try the paid version of these apps. So, here I have specially segregated some best paid and free Snapchat tracker apps which could meet all your monitoring needs. 

mSpy Website

Simply said, mSpy is a spying program that can fit you well as a Snapchat tracker. It can assist you in keeping tabs on a target device’s online behavior, such as a tablet or a smartphone. 

With this app, you can keep an eye on a variety of things, including social media apps, location, keyloggers, online messaging services, and many more. One such tool warns you if your youngster searches for any objectionable stuff.


  • Invisible Mode
  • Messenger and Social Apps
  • Screen Recorder
  • Keylogger
  • Browser History and Bookmarks
  • Calls and Contacts
  • GPS locations
  • Accessing Expired Snaps
  • Tracking date and time of exchanged media files


Below are the plans which are offered by the mSpy app:

  • It provides a range of advanced options.
  • Provides real-time updates.
  • It has a wide range of impressive Snapchat account monitoring features.
  • Easy installation, and takes only 5 minutes to do it.
  • 24/7 support system for resolving queries.
  • It is a bit heavy on the price front when compared with its competitors.
  • The application sometimes hangs.
  • This app requires rooting/jailbreaking unless you have the target device’s password or Apple ID email address.
  • Multi-device monitoring can be costly.

Recently, the mSpy app has been offering a discount code that takes 15% off during your purchase. To use this discount code for mSpy, just type in “cta15” during the checkout process.

Click here to try mSpy.

Cocospy Website

Compared to most of the surveillance programs available, Cocospy performs far better. The installation process is finished as soon as you begin receiving data on your account. You will get access to deleted material, including pictures, videos, and texts, and all the information you receive is accurate.

It is one of the most trusted Snapchat spy apps because it is undiscoverable with stealth mode. And it allows you to gather all the data and communications linked to Snapchat. This program is well known for its keylogger feature, which displays all the input made on social media platforms. And as a result, spying on Snapchat became as simple as eating pie.


  • Check all incoming and outgoing calls.
  • View call durations, timestamps, and call frequency.
  • Look over a list of the most popular contacts.
  • Your valuable data is not saved on the server and is exposed later on to the world of cyber vulnerabilities.
  • To monitor Snapchat, you don’t have to root the target device.


Below are the subscription plans that are offered by the Cocospy app:

Monthly $49.99/month
Annual $12.50/month
  • It provides a range of advanced options.
  • Built-in stealth mode.
  • Wonderful security encryption.
  • Wide range of payment options available.
  • It is a bit heavy on the price front when compared with its competitors.
  • Lots of bugs in this app.
  • Lags is behind in features from competitors.

So, this sums up the paid Snapchat spying options that are available on the market. You can try them out based on your preferences and free will.

Click here to try the Cocospy app.

iKeyMonitor Website

Many users worldwide rate iKeyMonitor as the finest parental control program. As per this official website, more than 400k parents from 100 different countries use this app, which is a testament to the success of its services. The web, Android mobile devices, iPhones, and iPad can all utilize this program. It enables you to protect your kids from online threats, including malicious explicit content and online bullying.

It supports the logging of keystrokes inputted, websites visited, call history, call recordings, and chats on Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram. This app also lets you capture screenshots of the targeted phone and hide or display this app icon from your device screen.


  • It has a screen time restricting power.
  • This app is loaded with jailbroken and non-jailbroken features for iPhones.
  • iKeyMonitor app also comprises rooted and non-rooted Android.
  • Comprehensive tracking features like GPS tracking, Go-fencing, Keystrokes, and many more.
  • Easy remote control, which inculcates features like account deletion, remote tracking, sending logs via email, and many more.


Below are the plans which are offered by the iKeyMonitor app:

Plan Pricing
Mobile BasicFree
Full Plan$59.99/month or $349.99/year
3 Days Full$9.99 for 3 days
Add on FeaturesBegin from 16.66/month
Windows Monitoring Desktop$29.99/month/per device or 199.99/year 
  • It provides a range of advanced options.
  • It offers free plans as well as multiple paid options.
  • Provides 24/7 live customer support system.
  • Precise Geo fencing and GPS tracking features.
  • Easy to use application.
  • An accurate keylogger.
  • It prevents cyberbullying.
  • It is a bit heavy on the price front when compared with its competitors.
  • Paid plans are hefty in the pocket.

This table completes the deep, insightful analysis of the second free-of-cost Snapchat tracker available in the market.

Click here to access the iKeyMonitor app.

Flexispy Website

You can install FlexiSPY Snapchat monitoring software on your computer or mobile device. It seizes full control of the gadget and keeps you informed at all times. On a mobile device, FlexiSpy is a software. This application could be installed, and once it is, it will secretly record all phone conversations and transfer the information to an online account from any computer or phone. Stable internet connectivity is a must.


  • Current location tracking
  • Remotely uninstall the software
  • Application Screenshots and Keylogger
  • Access to all types of files i.e., photos, audio, videos, etc
  • All kinds of Call interception i.e., Facebook, Hangout, Skype, etc
  • Browsing activity and Network connection data
  • Hidden GPS Tracker


Below are some plans which are provided by the FlexiSPY app:

LITE $29.95LITE $29.951 Month $793 Months $11912 Months $1791 Month $793 Months $11912 Months $179Free
1 Month $793 Months $11912 Months $179
1 Month $793 Months $11912 Months $179
1 Month $1193 Months $23912 Months $419
1 Month $1193 Months $23912 Months $419
  • It provides a range of advanced options.
  • It can run in stealth mode.
  • This application consists of advanced features like ambient listening.
  • You can search for keywords in messages.
  • It is a bit heavy on the price front when compared with its competitors.
  • It is a bit expensive when compared to its competitors.
  • Delayed notifications.
  • Does not provide many options on basic subscription.

FlexiSPY Snapchat app is one of the most reliable spy apps, as it is one of the first commercial spy apps developed in 2006.

Click here to access the FlexiSPY app.

 UMobix Website

uMobix is a great spy tool that could also be used as a Snapchat Spy app. This app is meant for parents as well as spouses who want to keep an eye on the social media activities of their children and partners. You can use it to keep an eye on the day-to-day activities of the concerned people. Along with that, you can track GPS location, calls, messages, and browsing history. It is compatible with both Android and iPhone users. 


  • Streaming 
  • Advance cell phone monitoring for parents 
  • View deleted information 
  • Access to control the targeted device
  • Call History
  • Text messages and Social Media Tracker


Plans Pricing
Monthly subscription$49.99
3-month subscription$27.99 per month
One-Year Subscription$11.66 per month
  • It provides a range of advanced options.
  • It helps in preventing cyberbullying with its unique features.
  • uMobix has a live chat feature.
  • Affordable pricing is a plus point.
  • It is a bit heavy on the price front when compared with its competitors.
  • Does not provide an appropriate free demo.
  • It does not provide a call recording feature.
  • This platform could only be used on a single device. You will have to purchase multiple subscriptions for different devices.

This platform is best suited for people who are short on money but want to track the activities of their children and spouse.

Click here to access the uMobix app.

ClevGuard Website

Children’s safety is promoted by the data privacy and protection firm ClevGuard through its products. They have a group of data security specialists who develop ways to safeguard users of online services.

This application is compatible with iPad, iPhone, Android mobile devices, desktop computers, and laptops. You can keep an eye on both your child’s and your employee’s activity. 


  • iPhone Monitoring
  • Computer Monitoring
  • GPS Tracking
  • Parental Control
  • Android Monitoring
  • Change Location
  • Activity Dashboard
  • Reporting and Analytics 


Below are the plans which are provided by the ClevGuard app:

PlansPrice(in $)
Kids Guard$9.99/per Month
KidsGuard Pro$39.99/per Month
KidsGuard for Whatsapp$24.99/per Month
KidsGuard for LINE$19.99/per Month
MoniVisor for Windows$49.99/per Month
ClevGo$12.99/per Month
Anti-Spyware$4.99/per Month

Two of the most exceptional things about this spy app is that it provides 30 days of money-back guarantee and, along with that provision of canceling any subscription at anytime.

  • It provides a range of advanced options.
  • 24/7 customer support through live chat and email.
  • Real-time syncing of data and information.
  • Privacy and data protection with encrypted user data.
  • It costs as low as $0.27 per day.
  • It is a bit heavy on the price front when compared with its competitors.
  • Many features of this application, like screen capturing, do not work properly.
  • Several users have reported that after its installation, their camera stops working.

Click here to discover the ClevGuard app.

Aispyer Website

Aispyer is one of the most dependable Snapchat spy apps and a lightweight monitoring program. It works equally well with both Android and iPhone devices. 

This application works best with Snapchat since it upholds all the details of this app to the cloud, where the user may view and download them whenever they want. All the media files, messages, and deleted chats are accessible through this program.


  • Aispyer is secure, power-saving, and discreet, making it the best Snapchat spy app by several users.
  • It provides spy features for many social media like Snapchat, Facebook, LINE, and Instagram.
  • This app possesses a phone number tracker feature.
  • 100% undiscoverable monitoring.


Below are some diversified plans which are offered by the Aispyer app:

Plans Price (in $)
Track Location by Phone$0.49
Aispyer for Standard Android $7.99- $59.99
Common Service Points $7.99- $49.99
Aispyer for Kids Android $25.96- $269.96
Aispyer for Customized Android $25.97- $399.97
Aispyer for Kids iPhone$34.95-$299.95
Aispyer for iPad$37.95-$127.95
Aispyer for Windows$44.99-$158.99
  • High user experience.
  • 24 hrs Customer Support System
  • Possess high-end anti-theft features.
  • It does not offer geofencing.
  • Require jailbreaking in the case of iPhone.
  • This application does not offer a single reasonable plan.

There is a Summer Thanksgiving Discount going on in which you get 10% OFF With Coupon [DKJHE46U].

Click here to access the Aispyer app.

Spybubble Website

Spybubble is an investigative app for many users, which also lets you unfold the chats of Snapchat, which often disappear. This is the reason it is frequently regarded as the best Snapchat spy app. Although this app is largely advertised as a spouse catchment program, it can also be used to protect children from cybercrime.

Mobile phones running iOS and Android can use the app. Additionally, how it works varies across the two operating systems. You need to physically hold the target device in your hands in order to install the Spybubble app on it.


  • Read messages remotely
  • Tracking GPS locations
  • Monitoring visited websites
  • Looking through call logs
  • Viewing social media chats
  • Keylogger
  • Going through email contents


Below are the plans which are proffer by Spybubble:

Android iPhone
Basic1 Month- $29.99/mBasic1 Month- $29.99/m
Full1 Month- $59.99/mFull1 Month- $49.99/m
Full3 Months- $99.99/mFull3 Months- $79.99/m
Full12 Months- $179.88Full12 Months- $149.99
  • It provides a range of advanced options.
  • Showcases app usage in real-time.
  • Jailbreak and root are not necessary.
  • Fast-paced data syncing.
  • The UI is user-friendly.
  • It is a bit heavy on the price front when compared with its competitors.
  • iCloud credential requirement for iOS.
  • Android apps do not enjoy exclusivity like iPhone users.

What needs to be noted is that this Snapchat tracker app does not provide free trials, but you can get hold of its subscriptions at discounted rates.

Click here to use the Spybubble tracker app.

 Spyier Website

With the help of the online application Spyier, you may remotely access the data from any phone on any Android or iPhone device. This implies that you can use this app to view the target smartphone’s data regardless of where it is in the world. 

This application’s inclusion on international sites like Tech Advisor, and BuzzFeed attests to its significance and dependability. With its cutting-edge design and a variety of functions that deliver the information from the other device directly to your screen. Spyier assists many users in this regard.


  • View SIM location
  • Watch website history
  • Get geo-fence alerts
  • Track messages and calls
  • View timestamps
  • Download media files
  • Read deleted messages


Below are some subscription plans which are provided by Spybubble:

Android iPhone
1 Month – $39.99/
3 Month –  $59.99/
12 Month – $99.99/
1 Month – $99.99/
3 Month –  $199.99/
12 Month – $399.99/
1 Month –  $49.99/
3 Month –  $69.99/
12 Month – $119.99/
1 Month –  $49.99/
3 Month –  $79.99/
12 Month – $129.99/
1 Month –   $69.99/
3 Month –   $99.99/
12 Month – $199.99/
1 Month –   $399.99/
3 Month –   $699.99/
12 Month – $999.99/
  • It provides a range of advanced options.
  • No Root and Jailbreak for all devices
  • 100% undetectable because of stealth mode.
  • It is a bit heavy on the price front when compared with its competitors.
  • No free trials are available.
  • Social chat access limitations on some plans.

Currently, this app is serving 190 countries, which is commendable.

Click here to use the Spyier tracking app.

SpyMobile App

You may keep an eye on what’s going on with the target device by using a mobile spy app. Even if you aren’t able to access the phone, you can still find out what your child is texting or watching on it. When a keyword is often used or has a sexual connotation, this app notifies you.

The SpyMobile app is among the best spying tools available to the public. This free app is infused with several features and is paper-light on the budget front. You can check search history, view phone logs, read text messages, and track positions. The SpyMobile app is compatible with both Android and iPhone users. 


  • Call Spy feature will help you to check the type of call, call duration, and other calling details.
  • Social Media Spy feature helps you to spy on all social media spaces like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat as well as Twitter activities for free.
  • The Keylogger feature lets you watch the keystrokes on the screen of the device. This will let you see all the messages a person is typing.
  • The Ambient Voice Recording feature will let you listen and download the voice recording of the sender and the receiver.
  • GPS location tracker feature, permits you to track the present and past location of the person whose Snapchat account you are accessing.



These are some remarkable features of this Snapchat spy app. Now, let’s bring out the pros and cons of this app.

  • It provides a range of advanced options.
  • It provides spy services for a wide range of social media platforms.
  • SpyMobile app can help you find your lost phone with its GPS locator.
  • Does not reveal your identity to people whom you are spying on.
  • It is a bit heavy on the price front when compared with its competitors.
  • May possess security issues.
  • Only available on phones, can’t access through the web.
  • Might involve hidden charges.

This sums up the SpyMobile app, where I have given an all-around insight into this app and its functionalities.

Click here for making use of the SpyMobile tracking app.

TheTruthSpy App

TheTruthSpy is the epitome of cutting-edge, high-tech cell phone surveillance. In order to monitor children, parents, and businesses can easily install software right onto a compatible smartphone or tablet that they own.

It is a free mobile surveillance app that enables users to follow various Android device types. On a variety of smartphones and tablets, you can install and activate this program and app. Free trials may be used to view calls, track GPS movements, SMS, internet history, emails, and many other things.


  • Free SMS tracker
  • Free Control Panel
  • Track Browsing History
  • Multimedia Files
  • Audio Recording
  • Snapchat Spy features


What needs to be noted is that this app only provides a free version for the first 48 hours, after that, you will have to purchase a plan.

Below are the plans which are proffer by TheTruthSpy app:

Free PlanStandard PlanPremium PlanGold Plan
All features are valid for 48 hours1 Month  $21.991 Month  $25.991 Month  $30.99
3 Months  $55.993 Months  $66.993 Months  $77.99
6 Months  $88.996 Months  $105.996 Months  $122.99
12 Months $130.9912 Months  $158.9912 Months  $184.99
  • It provides a range of advanced options.
  • This application possesses a stealth mode which makes it difficult to be discovered.
  • This is often regarded as the best iPhone Snapchat Spy app.
  • The installation takes just a few minutes.
  • It is a bit heavy on the price front when compared with its competitors.
  • Their support cell is not the best.
  • You can only ask for a refund within the first five days of purchase.
  • The primary functions require that you already execute a root or jailbreak.

Click here for accessing The TruthSpy app.

This table completes the analysis of the third free-of-cost Snapchat tracker available in the market. But you cannot deny that even in these apps, not all the functions or features are entirely free. And even if many features are free, it lacks credibility and security. 

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A Comparison of Top 5 Snapchat Spy Apps Picks

The below table showcases the differences which I have drawn between the top picks for Snapchat tracker apps. 

NameKey FeatureCompatibilityPrice per MonthFree Trial/ Refund Policy
mSpyAccessing Expired SnapsAndroid, iPhone, and iPad$69.99/month14-Days Money-Back Guarantee
CocospyTo monitor Snapchat, you don’t have to root the target device.Android, and iPhone$49.99/month14-Days Money-Back Guarantee
iKeyMonitor AppIt has a screen time restricting power.Android, Windows, and iPhone$0 for basic features30- Days Money-Back guarantee for special features
FlexiSpyAll kinds of Call interception i.e. Facebook, Hangout, Skype, etcAndroid, PC, Mac, and iPhone$29.95 for mobile and $79 for other devices1- Day Free Trial
uMobixAccess to control the targeted deviceAndroid and iPhone$49.9914-Days Money-Back Guarantee

Can You Spy on Someone Else’s Snapchat?

Yes, indeed, you can easily spy on people’s Snapchat accounts using Snapchat Spy apps. But it all depends on your preferences and choices. I do not promote using these apps for unrighteous purposes. It is meant only for parental monitoring. You can access the app from anywhere and anytime without being caught. But one thing that should be noted is that spying is an illegal activity that could land you in legal trouble or a fine.

So if you still proceed to spy on someone, you will be solely responsible for the consequences that follow you afterward. 

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Final Words

As the article is about to end, by now you must be aware of the best paid and free Snapchat trackers available in the market. But what you should keep in mind is that before deciding on which particular spy app to choose, you can try the free version or demos of the app.

Before you come to a conclusion, you could also try the free Snapchat spy apps, which might lack some configurations but clear out your vision and expectations from the paid apps. If you ask me for a suggestion for the spy app, in that case, I would suggest mSpy and iKeyMonitor apps based on the reviews and features.


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