Jake Pugh
Jake Pugh


Writer for the past 6 years, with writing experience in almost every niche. Technology, cryptocurrency, technical writing, white papers, and troubleshooting guides, are some mentions. His unique writing flare and mind-blowing storytelling skills leave the readers awestruck.


  • Bachelor’s in journalism from Northwestern University.
  • Creative writing diploma from the University of Lowa.


  • Lifestyle
  • Travelling
  • Internet
  • Business administration
  • Forensic technology
  • Health apps
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Insurance and investment


  • As a marketing and automation content writer for 3 years .
  • Served as a Technical writer for 2 years .

Words from Jake

I was always passionate about conveying my points through my articles during the early ages of college. Over time, I got myself exposed to this industry for an internship, but that was a life-changing decision for my career. Over the years I explored various niches and established myself by providing the best possible comprehensive content for my readers.

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