Apple AirTags Range: How Far Can You Track an AirTag?

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Updated on September 13, 2023

As per a recent report by Statista, there are over 1.8 Million active users of the Apple AirTags. Most users prefer to use these devices for tracking their keys, pets, and personal vehicles.

The Apple AirTags are button-sized trackers that can be attached to nearly anything – to track an object or a person. To achieve the highest possible Apple AirTags range, the company has utilized a variety of tech features, including, Bluetooth, iCloud, MapKit, Near-field communication (NFC), and Ultra-Wideband technology (UWB).


With the recent shocking experiences of multiple illegal tracking through these devices, one may ask what exactly is the AirTag range? and is it possible to track AirTag from miles away? Let’s read through the following blog to understand how far AirTags works.

What is the Apple AirTags Range?

A general sense of the idea provided by the company is that an AirTag’s basic tracking range will be about 15 to 20 feet. When Bluetooth is enabled, this range will be extended to over 30 feet. 

Did You Know?
On the eve of 4th March ‘23, the former Love Island star Montana Brown found a small Apple device in her purse. She threw it away, as it wasn’t hers. Later she got to know that it was an AirTag being used to stalk her. 

Once your Air Tag reaches beyond your iPhone’s Bluetooth range, it will then run on the ‘Find my Network’ feature. With this feature, the Tag will use nearby iPhones to send an encrypted and anonymous signal to iCloud, which makes the tag’s location known to its owner. 

Can an AirTag Go Out of Range?

Yes, an AirTag can go out of range. Even the best technology has its limits, & AirTags are no different. For AirTags to work properly, they need to be within the Bluetooth range of at least one Apple phone. If it’s not possible, then the AirTag will not be able to update its location and hence will go out of range. 

Therefore, to ensure its optimum range, your AirTags will use Bluetooth and ‘Find my Network’, to achieve near-limitless traceability. 

How Far Can You Track an AirTag?

So, how far can you track an AirTag? To tell you the truth, there’s no distance limit on Apple’s AirTags. Your tracking device should be within the range of other iPhones to make it trackable on your device.

Therefore, as long as a Tag is within 30–33 feet of any iPhone (anywhere in the world), it will be able to send signals to your phone. 

How Accurate is AirTag Location?

Generally, the location of an AirTag is updated every couple of minutes – provided that it is within the range of an iPhone. With that being said, it is also important to note that it is impossible to view the location history of this device. The owner of this device could only be able to view its current location. 

To understand how accurate is AirTag location, you must know that it depends on the distance. The location accuracy is highest when the Air Tag is within 100 feet of your phone’s location. At a distance of more than 100 feet, the accuracy might differ with the presence of obstructions (like walls, furniture, trees, and more). 

Thus, you may track an AirTag as far as you want. To achieve even greater accuracy, you may also use Google Maps to track someone’s location on your phone. 

How to Activate an Apple AirTag?

The range of an Air Tag is dependent on the functioning of a wide variety of tech features. But first, let us look at the initial steps needed to set up your AirTag.

  1. First of all, ensure that your iPhone’s 2-factor authentication and  Bluetooth are on. Moreover, you need to enable ‘Find my’, location services. 
  1. Then, move your AirTag close to your device. A pop-up message to connect will appear. Enter your Apple ID account and password
  1. Open the Find My App and select ‘add item’. 

Once your Tag has been set up, you can use it to track any item of your choice. You may adopt one of the following methods to find your AirTag, depending upon its distance from your iPhone. 

  • When the AirTag is within the range of your iPhone: You can look at it in your Maps. Simply, open the Find My App, and tap on the items tab. From there you can find it from its name.
  • When the AirTag lies very close to you: In this case, using the Precision Finding feature is the best. Simply, tap on the ‘Find Nearby’ option. Your phone will then display the distance and direction of your tag. 
  • When the AirTag lies close to your Bluetooth range: Switch on its sound. Open the ‘Find My App’, and tap on the ‘Play Sound’ option.
  • When the AirTag is outside your phone’s range: If that happens, you can find your AirTag by tapping on the Directions option in ‘Find My App’. Then, follow these steps: 
Open Find My App >> Device name >> Directions >> Go 

It will provide you with the exact directions from your current location to the device.

  • When your AirTag is lost: If your AirTag is not reachable, it will no longer show its current location. So, you have two options – you can either reach its ‘last location’ and physically search the tag or tap on the ‘Lost Mode’ option, and put your number there so that others can contact you if your AirTag is found by them. 

Hence, Apple has taken a wide amount of measures to ensure that its tracking device can be optimally tracked & updated at all times. They’ve also made their best efforts to ensure a near-infinite Apple air tag distance limit. 

How Long Do Apple AirTag Batteries Last?

The AirTags come with a replaceable circular CR2032 battery. Generally, it lasts for an entire year. You may check its battery health, through ‘Find My App’ on your phone. 

If you are being stalked by such a device, you will receive a notification on your iPhone for it. You may then click on the ‘play sound’ option to find the exact location of the Air Tag. Further, remove the battery to disable it. 


It is not only the AirTags that could be used to stalk someone. Your mobile phone could also be hacked to gain access to your useful information, and location. In such a scenario, there are certain codes to check if your phone is hacked.

Where to Buy an AirTag Battery? 

It is easy to buy an AirTag battery. They can be bought at any retail or electronic store that sells coin-sized batteries. You can also buy one at an e-commerce store, like Amazon. To replace the battery, just remove the AirTag cover, remove the old battery, and insert the new one with the positive side facing up. You’ll hear the sound if the battery is successfully connected. 

What are the Uses of Apple AirTags?

The AirTags could be used to track your everyday items, like keys, wallet, bag, or a non-iPhone. While, some parents have also claimed to put these devices in their kids’ bags, to ensure their safety.

They can also be used to track pets like dogs and cats with the use of a specialized collar. Moreover, since there’s no limit to how far can AirTag track, it could also be used to track your cars or other vehicles. However, for professional tracking of vehicles, GPS systems are advisable. Since they depend directly on satellites to share signals instead of a nearby phone. 

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Air Tag Range vs Tile vs GPS Systems

Since we now know how far does AirTag work, we can now compare it with other tracking devices. There are certain differences between the Air Tag range and those offered by Tile & GPS. The below table elucidates such differences.

Apple AirTagTile ProGPS System
Range (with Bluetooth)30 Feet400 FeetNo Bluetooth
Range (without Bluetooth)Unlimited, depending upon 1 Billion devices of Find My NetworkUnlimited, depending upon 35 Million devices of Tile’s NetworkUnlimited, depending upon Satellite Signaling
Location AccuracyMore accurate than Tile, due to the high number of devices on Find My Network Less accurate than AirTag, due to less number of devices on Tile’s Network Better than AirTag & Tile, due to dependence upon Satellite signaling instead of Network
Precision FindingBest in marketUnavailableUnavailable
Tracking FeatureShows accurate directions on Apple MapsDo not show directions, but only distance from the deviceDirections on Apple, Android, and Web Maps

Therefore, on an overall basis, the AirTags could be quoted better than Tile & GPS as tracking devices for relatively stable objects, and with less frequency of usage. However, the GPS might be best for professional tracking of moving objects. 

To Sum it Up

All in all, the Apple AirTags range is reasonably the ‘best in the market’ for tracking an object miles away. It is due to its reliance on the tech feature of ‘Find My Network’ of Apple, which is connected to over 1 Billion iPhones worldwide. 

Such an AirTag range is supported by quick location updates, a long-lasting battery, and multiple tracking uses. Also, an air tag could be better than Tile & GPS, for tracking relatively stable objects.


Ans: No, the AirTags come with a replaceable battery, so do not require charging.

Ans: With their portability, affordability, unlimited range, and multiple uses, yes, Apple AirTags are worth buying. 

Ans:The AirTag connects to the nearest iPhones through Bluetooth. This signal is then sent to iCloud, which could be received by the tag’s owner on his/her own internet-enabled iPhone. 

Ans:Technically, you may use an AirTag to track a person. However, both ethically and legally, it is wrong to track someone without their express consent. 

Ans:As many as you wish. However, you can only link 16 AirTags to one Apple ID for tracking. 

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